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Intro - Using FAM/LAM while Breastfeeding [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Using FAM/LAM while Breastfeeding

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Intro [May. 18th, 2011|08:49 pm]
Using FAM/LAM while Breastfeeding


your name and/or age? Kelsey, 21

how old is/are your nursling/s? Mason is 10, almost 11 months

any other kids? Nope

new to fam/nfp? Brand new actually!!

any signs of a cycle yet? Nope, although I've only been off of hormonal birth control for about 3 weeks...so we'll see.

anything else?  I am a working momma who just graduated from college, at least i'm no longer a working/school attending momma.  I'm nervous and excited for NFP.  We really can't afford to have another baby just yet, I have to fit into my wedding dress in October! But I'm unsure because we've never used NFP before so I'm not sure what to look for as a true return of fertility.

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